bird by bird review.

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott is a book that beautifully captures what it means to be a writer. It is a lot of frustration and feeling like you should just give up. It is also incredibly satisfying to craft stories and know this is exactly what you were meant to do. I turned to … Continue reading bird by bird review.

scribbler review.

After months of seeing Instagram posts advertising this product, I decided to give into the hype. Scribbler is a subscription box for novelists made by bestselling authors. As said on the site, "The subscription box, delivered monthly, is designed to help novelists do the three most important things: stay motivated while writing, improve their craft, … Continue reading scribbler review.

national short story month.

While scrolling through Instagram I stumbled upon the information that it is national short story month. What better way to celebrate than sharing a few of my favorites from my bookshelf? I am very obsessed with the concept of short stories. Reading a few short stories after getting through a lengthy novel is always refreshing … Continue reading national short story month.