the carrying review.

Ada Limon has done it again. I've had poetry that has left a strong impression on me, but this collection cut me to my core. Limon is a master of making you feel. I re-read numerous poems because I couldn't get over the way she captured emotion. I reviewed bright dead things a few months … Continue reading the carrying review.

valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine's Day bookworms! I hope your day includes some sweet treats and love. Love shows itself in an array of ways. Romance, friendships, family relationships, and most importantly: self-love. So let's celebrate love today in whatever way we can. Here are a few poems that reflect the theme of love in many aspects. Enjoy … Continue reading valentine’s day.

sea of strangers review.

In a sea of strangers,you've longed to know me.Your life spent sailing to my shores.The arms that yearnto someday hold me,will ache beneaththe heavy oars.Please take your timeand take it slowly;as all you dowill run its course.And nothing elsecan take what only ---was always meantas solely yours. I was in the mood for some poetry … Continue reading sea of strangers review.

something bright, then holes // bluets review.

Today is all about the great Maggie Nelson. I decided to make this post about both of her poetry collections, because there aren't enough days left in April to do individual posts. (Math clearly isn't my strong suit.) I have had something bright, then holes sitting on my bookshelf for far too long without reading … Continue reading something bright, then holes // bluets review.

the complete poems of anne sexton review.

From the joy and anguish of her own experience, Anne Sexton crafted poems that told truths about the inner lives of men and women. The Complete Poems was a treat to read through. Few other American poets have written so many kinds of poems, on such different subjects, while successfully capturing the attention of the … Continue reading the complete poems of anne sexton review.

the collected poems of emily dickinson review.

Emily Dickinson's poetry reflects the subtle and delicate life she led. She charted the landscape of the human soul. Dickinson spent much of her life in total seclusion from society and the outside world. And yet her ideas are richer and profound compared to those exposed to society. It feels as though in her own … Continue reading the collected poems of emily dickinson review.

the sun and her flowers review.

The second collection of poetry by Rupi Kaur made waves. It was brimming with of every kind of emotion imaginable. Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her flowers is a vibrant and transcendent journey about growth and healing. Ancestry and honoring one’s roots. Rising up to find a home within … Continue reading the sun and her flowers review.