scribbler review.

After months of seeing Instagram posts advertising this product, I decided to give into the hype. Scribbler is a subscription box for novelists made by bestselling authors. As said on the site, “The subscription box, delivered monthly, is designed to help novelists do the three most important things: stay motivated while writing, improve their craft, and connect with the right publishing professionals.”

I signed up for a month-by-month plan just to test the waters. Every month is themed and July happened to be collaboration. The day my box showed up on the porch I was more than excited to see what little treasures I had received.

In the box:

  • Storm and Fury, a fantasy YA novel, by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
  • A writing passport written by Armentrout teaching how to master your author career.
  • An invitation to attend a webinar with Natashya Wilson, the executive editor for Inkyard Press.
  • Some writer’s fuel ground coffee.
  • A coaster to pair with the coffee. “Rise & Write”
  • A reading guide notebook for jotting down key information while working through a novel.
  • Three beautiful bookmarks

First impression: I was impressed with the amount of items in the box and the fact that they were nice quality things. I efinitely believe I got my $29.99 worth. The coffee is really tasty (coming from a former barista) and the coaster was a nice addition to my desk at work. I am always appreciative of some nice bookmarks, even though I end up using random receipts. I have yet to read the novel, only because my TBR pile is embarrassingly huge. The “passport” is a monthly staple in the Scribbler box and had some interesting and helpful information on breaking into the authoring world.

The only criticism I have towards the subscription is that there is no customization option. While I’m glad to receive a book outside of my typical reading genre, I don’t know how interested I’ll be in the book. I do plan to read it eventually and give it a fair chance.

Overall, I’m happy with the choice to try out this subscription. I plan to receive a box in August and see the variety it provides. Look out for a review part 2 near the beginning of august!

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